Everyone pays setups, shipping and tax, so why not put that in the quote?

Let a resourceful advocate get you VALUE for your ad specialties dollar!

At Crown Print Wear, we know there’s much more your business than just a logo. We recognize how much time and money you’ve put into your company and its identity. Subsequently, everything you now spend money on should be a powerful and positive reinforcement of your brand and your products.

We can help you reinforce your message and increase your customers’ top-of-mind awareness with thousands of quality products that not only get your brand in front of the right people; they stay in front of the right people.

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What truly sets us apart from all the rest is our “Bottom-line Delivered Price” guarantee. In short, our estimates are our invoices, period. Crown Print Wear is able to provide you with a superior product with no confusing contracts, no extra charges, and no hidden fees. Our estimate provided after initial request research will be the same amount at the end.

You won’t find this guarantee or customer commitment with any other promotions provider.

Trust us, we’ve looked.

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Crown Print Wear has been helping companies and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes achieve higher levels of name recognition and brand equity for more than a decade…